Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blood of the Pride review

Blood of the Pride by Sheryl Nantus is the first novel in the Blood of the Pride series and the first book by Nantus that I've read. It was an interesting read but it was a little uneven.

Rebecca is supposed to be a strong and independent PI but she doesn't come across as particularly independent - in fact, she seems incredibly needy when it comes to the acceptance of the Pride that kicked her out twenty years ago. However, she is smart, brave, and seeking justice unerringly so she's not all bad. Brandon, on the other hand, needs to have his ass kicked - by Rebecca. I couldn't understand why she didn't kick the crap out of him - he didn't seem able to take anything seriously and he was far too pushy for a guy who didn't seem able to back his attitude up. I really didn't care for him at all which makes for a less than fun read since it is a romance novel.

The rest of the Pride members came across less as a supernatural group trying to avoid persecution and dissection by humans and more as a holier than thou cult. The concept that they could be wrong about something - anything! - was just never considered. The rigid policies enforced by the Board are apparently bent routinely and yet they didn't see anything wrong with kicking out a fifteen year old who was considered "less" than the other shifters. Then they have the audacity to say that she's family and has a responsibility to help them? Does shifting cause brain damage because that's the only way that kind of logic makes sense.

As a 'find the killer' mystery, it's good - and full of action. But I doubt I'll be picking up the next novel in the series as the characters just leave too much to be desired and without a main couple I can root for and empathize with, I can't enjoy the books.

Blood of the Pride was published in print by Carina Press on February 1, 2013. It was previously available as an e-book from February 2012.


When a severed rabbit's paw is delivered to her office, outcast cat shifter Rebecca Desjardin recognizes the summons home. One of their own has been murdered--and a shocking photo published in a local tabloid--and her Pride needs Rebecca, now a private investigator, to track down the killer.

Investigative reporter Brandon Hanover wants to find out who slipped the photo of the half-shifted cat-woman under his door, marking him as a suspect in her death. Determined to stay one step ahead of the sexy journalist, Rebecca reluctantly agrees to partner with him to find the real murderer. But as their mutual attraction heats up, Rebecca finds it harder and harder to keep Brandon from discovering the existence of the shifter society--and her own true nature.

When the search leads them back to the Pride, Rebecca must attempt to Change for the first time in years to face the killer, and save the man she loves...

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