Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Perfect Rake review

The Perfect Rake was the first book I've read by Anne Gracie and she will now be on my must read list. Much like with cozy mystery novels, historicals tend to be hit or miss with me. The Perfect Rake was a wonderful historical with strong and intelligent characters, funny (but not farcical) dialogue and situations, and enough action to keep the book moving forward. 

Prudence is strong, smart, and honorable. She protects her sisters at great risk to herself. Pru definitely keeps Gideon on his toes because she never reacts the way he expects.

The Perfect Rake is named Gideon, Lord Carradice. He is irreverent, loyal, and very honorable despite his reputation. A situation with his parents and his aunt and uncle have made him vow never to marry but Pru turns his world and all his plans upside down.

Gidoen's cousin, Edward, Duke of Dinstable, is the original target of Pru's lie about "an understanding. Luckily, he is easy going and is the perfect foil for Gideon throughout the book.

The girls' Uncle Oswald and Gideon's Aunt Gussie are a wonderful comedic presence. Their antics and dialogue lightened the book up when it needed it and helped keep the characters from being too maudlin.

The one sour character for me was Hope. She comes across as a horrible, selfish child who is more than willing to throw Pru "under the bus" if it means she'll get her own way. Hope is the only one of the "good" characters that I just didn't like.

If you are looking for a solid historical romance, I highly recommend The Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie. I'll definitely be seeking out more of her work!


She ran from a brute...

Fleeing violent tyranny, Prudence Merridew escapes with her beautiful younger sisters to London. One of them must marry—and fast. To act as her sisters' chaperone, Prudence invents a secret engagement to a reclusive duke...But when the duke arrives unexpectedly in London, she needs his help to avert disaster.

...into the arms of a rake

Aristocratic Gideon, handsome, rakish and with a strong frivolous streak, casually hijacks Prudence's game, awarding himself a stolen kiss or three along the way. Used to managing sisters and elderly men, Prudence is completely out of her depth with a charming, devious and utterly irresistible rake. And her plot goes terribly—if deliciously—awry...


  1. This sounds like a great way to escape from the stress of the real world. I might just have to pick this one up! Nice review, Melly Mel!

    1. It was a great historical romance that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of the genre.