Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ecstasy Under the Moon review

Ecstasy Under the Moon by Lucy Monroe, is a Children of the Moon novella and falls between Moon Burning and Dragon's Moon in the series. Ecstasy Under the Moon is part of the Enthralled anthology.

Una is an eagle shifter of Elan who was traumatized by wolf shifters at 14 and has been basically in hiding ever since. She never leaves the Elan territory and rarely lets any adult close to her. The fear has nearly paralyzed her life. Then the Faol move into the Elan territory to further mend relations between the two groups of Chrecte.

Bryant is a wolf shifter of Faol but with Elan royal blood in his ancestry. He is from the Balmoral clan and fully and passionately believes in trying to reunite the Chrecte. Bryant is one of the small group of Faol that volunteers to move into Elan territory in order to show that the Faol are trustworthy.

When the Faol move into the Elan territory, Una finds herself inexplicably draw to Bryant. Bryant knows at the first smell of her scent that Una is his true mate but he's not sure if he can overcome her terror of the Faol after what happened to her.

Both characters are well written, as are the surrounding characters, and the relationship is built in such a way that it seems natural and realistic. Despite the novella length, the story is fully developed and the plot moves swiftly but without seeming hurried or lacking in detail.

I would recommend reading the series in order or some parts of Ecstasy Under the Moon will not make sense. 


Lucy Monroe, national bestselling author of the Children of the Moon novels…unleashes the feral passions of a werewolf on the body, mind, and soul of his prey, his lover, his lifemate.

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  1. Ha! I love that you love this series. Im addicted. Seriously cant get enough!!!