Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dangerous Curves Ahead review

Dangerous Curves Ahead by Sugar Jamison is the first book in the Perfect Fit series. The premise was great but I didn't love the characters.

I loved the idea of a romance novel featuring a fashionista who wasn't tall and skinny - a "real woman" so to speak. Ellis is a business owner catering to a customer base that isn't served by the traditional clothing retailers. She is intelligent, funny, and very loyal to her friends. However, Ellis is also too much of a pushover and Jamison's attempt to write Ellis as being perfectly okay with her weight and figure often comes across as Ellis being defensive and not nearly as okay as she is trying to pretend.

The hero, Michael, is someone who Ellis used to have a crush on but who slept with her sister - not exactly a forgivable offense to me but whatever.  Unfortunately, Michael sometimes seemed less intelligent than he should be given that he's a cop. He also expects Ellis to get over her issues but he certainly hasn't dealt with his own which is all too apparent throughout the book. Plus, he demands commitment from Ellis but isn't willing to give back the same kind of commitment. All in all, he's just not a guy I can think of as someone who should get the girl.

I did enjoy the secondary characters - Colin, Michael's Irish rogue best friend, and Cherri, Ellis's friend and retail help, as well as Ellis's sister who you just love to hate.

Overall, I can't say I recommend Dangerous Curves Ahead but if you don't mind uneven characters or romantic hero's who is neither romantic or a hero, you may enjoy this book.


Ellis Garrett is dumping her critical boyfriend, opening a plus-size clothing store, and starting a blog—all to spread the word that fashion shouldn’t require a size-two body, and happiness should allow for the occasional cupcake. Or two. But is indulging fantasies about her sister’s long-ago ex, the still-hunky Michael Edwards, biting off more than she can chew?

Mike must be losing his detective’s touch. He doesn’t recognize Ellis when he bumps into her at Size Me Up, and he certainly doesn’t remember his ex-girlfriend’s outspoken sister being so irresistible. Her curves are indeed dangerous—and so is her wit. Could it be that Ellis is his Perfect Fit? One thing’s for sure: Mike will make it his sworn duty to find out…

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