Monday, April 15, 2013

The Vision review

The Vision by Heather Graham is part of the Harrison Investigation series and was published in 2006 by Mira Books.

I was a little disappointed in The Vision compared to some of Graham's other books. While the plot was excellent and it kept me guessing pretty much until the end, I didn't particularly enjoy the main characters. Genevieve was okay but she seemed wishy washy to me - plus her actions made it seem like it's okay to be treated like crap by a guy and then sleep with him (FYI - that's a big no). Thor is just your basic asshole. I get that some people find that attractive - I am not one of them. I, like many, enjoy a solid alpha male but there is a line between alpha male and asshole which Thor doesn't just cross but torpedoes. I found nothing redeeming about him and can't get excited about a book with a hero I just can't like.

The rest of the characters are an odd assortment but they were enjoyable to read. The best friend cracked me up, the Harrison Investigation team of Nikki and Brent Blackhawk made it feel familiar (in a good way), and as always Graham writes vividly so that the reader is immersed in the scenes.

All in all, if you are looking for a good mystery that will keep you guessing and that paints a vivid picture, The Vision is worth your time. If you are looking for a good romance with a great couple, I'd skip this one.


The gift of sight comes at a dangerous price 
When Deep Down Salvage begins the hunt for the "Josephine Marie, " it seems like any other dive...until Genevieve Wallace sees the vision of a dead woman in the water, her vacant eyes boring into Genevieve's very soul. Terrified and confused by what she saw, Genevieve is haunted by the memory, but no one -- including her diving partner Thor Thompson -- believes her. When a dead woman washes up on shore, everyone assumes this is Genevieve's "vision," but Genevieve knows the truth: the dead woman is "not" the ghost she saw but another victim of the same brutal killer.

Sensing that the threat of death is coming closer, she and Thor are forced to acknowledge that some things can't be explained, but simply "are." Somehow they have to link a violent past with a present-day mystery or risk losing themselves in an abyss of terror.

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