Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Only Fear review

For those who wonder if promo swag is worth it, this review is for you. I had received a jar opener, of all things, from Anne Marie Becker in a conference bag. I used that thing nearly every day. One day, I was at Barnes and Noble and I saw Only Fear on the shelf. I recognized the author so I picked it up to read the back. Had I not recognized the author's name, I probably wouldn't have even noticed the book.

Anyway, I enjoyed Only Fear over all and will definitely be picking up Becker's second book in the Mindhunters series. I liked Maggie a great deal because she was smart and successful but with an underlying vulnerability that being scared brought out. Ethan was a pretty quintessential alpha protector, right down to being emotionally closed to everyone around him. But as he falls for Maggie, he opens himself up to feeling again. He just wishes Maggie would be more cooperative :)

The supporting characters were varied and interesting as well. Damian is one I'd really like to learn more about and to see get his own happy ending. The other members of the team and the local detectives were all well written.

There were two situations that bothered me because in a real life protective situation, like the one Maggie finds herself in, they would never happen. I don't want to give too much away so I can't really say what situations but it did annoy me to read them. I get that it's fiction but a romantic suspense novel featuring a former Secret Service agent on protection detail needs to be realistic and those two situations were not.

Other than that, Only Fear is a book I'd recommend for those who enjoy romantic suspense.

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