Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sexy in a Bottle review


Sexy in a Bottle by Andrea Laurence is the fourth novella in the More Than Men series. While overall I've enjoyed the series, Sexy in a Bottle wasn't my favorite of the novellas. The pacing is off - there is too much build up and then the ending feels rushed and abrupt. There is also one glaringly unanswered question at the end and that is one of my personal pet peeves.

Valerie was a pretty relatable character but at the same time she didn't seem very smart. She is dealing with health issues and is purposely isolating herself which I fully understood. I even understood her reluctance to believe that Rajan was a djinn who could grant her wishes. However, once she did believe in him and his power, why in the world didn't she go ahead and follow through and make both their wishes come true? It seemed a little stupid on her part.

I actually liked Rajan a great deal. He took everything in stride - probably because he's been around and granting wishes for so long. But he wasn't without his own issues and he had little belief in human goodness left. I thought he could have forced her to sit down and finish what was started rather than letting it ride the way he did but I also understand why he wanted to enjoy his time on the island with Valerie.

Overall, Sexy in a Bottle was just an okay story when compared to the previous ones that I enjoyed a great deal.


Strong, sexy and powerful... the kind of man every woman wants in her life and in her bed. But these men are more. Oh, so much more.

Valerie Thomas has hidden herself from the world, isolating herself in a New England lighthouse while she waits to die. Somehow, it’s easier for her to cope with the reality of her illness if she doesn’t worry about who she’s leaving behind. Not that there is anyone important in her life to really miss her.

Rajan has been trapped inside his gold and sapphire prison since his last master dropped the necklace into the ocean. He never expected to wash up naked on a rocky coastline with a beautiful woman hovering over him. A djinn, trapped by a sorcerer’s curse, Raj offers Valerie three wishes, but the stubborn woman refuses to make them.

As strong nor’easter threatens Valerie’s tiny island, she and Raj discover the key to ending each other’s miserable, lonely existence. But can the genie and his mistress both get their wishes granted?

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