Monday, June 3, 2013

Explosion review


Explosion by Berinn Rae is the final novel in her Colliding Worlds trilogy and has been the book I've been looking forward to since the series started. Jax has been a personal favorite of mine and I really wanted to read his story. Rae was kind enough to send me an eARC so I wouldn't have to wait any longer :)

As stated, I've wanted to read Jax's story since book one, Collision. I knew he'd be emotionally withdrawn and kind of a moron about it but I didn't realize how much I'd want to punch him in the face through most of the book - in a good way. He was emotionally withdrawn and an idiot but he was completely aware of it. As Jax is forced to, yet again, face the loss and betrayal of those he loves, he has to decide if he will allow the past to define his entire future or if he can finally move forward.

Talla was a bit of a surprise - I didn't expect her to be so willing to forgive the past with the Sephians or the humans or to be able to trust the alliances as much as she did. Her unwavering trust in Nalea and Roden could have come across as mindless devotion but it is offset well by her clear understanding of the war and the political situation facing the Draeken and the other races currently inhabiting Earth. She is every bit as much a protector and soldier as Jax and equally ready to lay down her life if it means her race survives and is at peace. But she is much more emotionally aware than Jax, something that I wouldn't have expected from someone who has been basically imprisoned for a few years.

Explosion was a disturbing, but probably completely accurate, portrayal of what humans would do should aliens land on Earth. It's a little sad that, while I was horrified by the decisions made, I wasn't even remotely surprised by Rae's depiction of the genocide and war prison camp atmosphere. It's a testament to Rae's writing skill that the relationship between Talla and Jax was so realistically portrayed in the midst of the violence of the war raging around them.

As the final book in the trilogy, Explosion also had to wrap up the remaining storylines from Collision and Implosion - which it did seamlessly. We once again witness the relationships of Sienna and Legian and Nalea and Roden. Nalea gets to face off with Otas again and Ace wanders through keeping everyone honest.

Despite ongoing editing issues throughout the trilogy, I would definitely recommend the Colliding Worlds books to anyone who enjoys science fiction or paranormal romance. Just be sure to read them in order or you'll likely be confused. Explosion will be released July 1st.


It’s been twelve months since the Sephians, Draeken, and humans reached a truce. Peace, at last.

It’s been eleven months since news footage revealed that earth no longer stood alone in the universe. Panic ensued. Truces were broken. All aliens were quarantined.

Earth’s final war is here and time is running out…

Talla Kolhm is a Draeken warrior-woman, beaten down but never broken. She refuses to feel any emotion, especially love or compassion. When she meets a kindred spirit in Jax Jerrick, a human soldier with his own share of scars, they develop an uncommon but comfortable rapport. But when a deadly toxin is released across the planet, all aliens are quickly blamed and ordered to be executed. With the help of her human, she escapes, and, despite her vows, Jax reawakens her darkest desires.

Betrayed once before, Jax can barely bring himself to trust another woman. Regardless, as he deals with his past, Talla reawakens his heart. While battling their simmering passion, they join the resistance committed to finding an antidote. And so the fight begins. Talla will do anything for earth’s survival, even sacrifice herself and her heart, which may be the only way to save us all…

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