Friday, September 6, 2013

I'll Be Seeing You review

I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You by Mary Higgins Clark is an older mystery but it was a very good one. It certainly kept me guessing all the way until Clark wanted the reader to know who the killer was - I never even considered the character as a possibility which shows how well Clark kept it under wraps. I was thrown off by some very well written and sneaky red herrings.

Meghan is a solid reporter and possesses a lawyer's mind but in the case of her father's death, she is far too emotionally close to be able to think about it rationally or logically. I felt for her because I don't think anyone who loves their father would be able to consider what the cops are thinking. On top of that, to see a dead body with your own face staring back at you would knock anyone for a loop, I suspect. Added to that is Meghan's attempt to be strong and supportive of her grieving mother and spending time with Mac who she has unrequited feelings for. It would be hard not to empathize with her!

Mac is pretty much oblivious to his own feelings so expecting him to have a clue about how a woman feels is probably a lost cause. He is protective, a good father and a good friend. His evolution in the story is a little abrupt but he's a good guy and it is easy to see why Meghan fell in  love with him.

There are a lot of secondary characters in I'll Be Seeing You and Clark does a good job of making them full characters with distinct personalities and depth. The secondary storyline woven throughout the book seems a bit superfluous until the end when its necessity becomes quite clear.

Overall, I'll Be Seeing You is a very solid mystery, if a little dated, and I look forward to reading more of Clark's backlist.


The murdered woman could have been her double. When reporter Meghan Collins sees the sheet-wrapped corpse in a New York City hospital, she feels as if she's staring into her own face. And Meghan has troubles enough already without this bizarre experience. Nine months ago, her much-loved father's car spun off a New York bridge. Now, investigators are saying that there's no trace of his car in the river, and they suspect he faked his own death. With frightening speed, links start to appear between Meghan's father and her dead lookalike. Meghan may be in danger herself, but she's determined to find the truth to the mystery. In a nightmare journey spiraling from New York to Connecticut to Arizona, Meghan finds that the truth can sometimes be deadly.

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