Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Morgan's Fate review

Morgan's Fate by Dana Marie Bell is part of the True Destiny series featuring characters from Norse mythology. Morgan's Fate takes place directly after the events of the previous book, Howl for Me.

Given the title, it is no surprise that Morgan's Fate features Morgan, one of the twin sons of Thor and a Jotun, along with Skye/Skul, the Norn fate of the future. Skye has lost her memory and does not know who she is but she shows up to warn Logan and his family of impending danger because she still gets glimpses of the future. Morgan is determined to protect his family and Skye and avenge his father even as he struggles with his attraction to the forbidden Norn fate.

There is a lot going on in Morgan's Fate as usual with the True Destiny books - this series gets more complicated with every book and there are tons of characters with multiple names to keep straight. Just keeping track of who is related to who and how is mind numbing. As pieces of the prophecy of Ragnarok happen, Morgan and his ever growing family are trying to understand the prophecy and change the way they have always understood it.

Morgan's Fate features lots of action and several new characters make appearances - Sleipnir, another of Loki/Logan's children; Sif/Sylvia, Thor's ex-wife; Sigyn - Loki/Logan's ex-wife; and Adam/Frey, Jordan's father. The end of Morgan's Fate sets up the next book for Morgan's twin, Magnus.

As always, if you enjoy funny and action packed paranormal romance but are looking for something different, I highly recommend Bell's True Destiny series.


His Fate is finally in front of him…and he’s never letting go.

Morgan and Magnus Grimm return from their search for Skuld, Norn of the Future, only to find that she’s been living under their noses this whole time. Now that Morgan finally has the woman of his dreams within reach, nothing—not amnesia, not Odin, not even his father’s death—will prevent him from claiming the Fate he’s wanted for centuries.

Skylar Kincade is lost among these crazy people who swear that they’re the old Norse gods. But…there’s something that strikes a chord deep within her. Something from which the hot, redheaded Morgan wants to protect her.

But when the memories burst free, there’s no softening the devastating blow. For overstepping her bounds and changing their fates to save their lives, her powers were stripped away, leaving her as just another Norn.

And it seems more punishment is coming down: one of Logan’s children is missing. Skye is determined to do her part to make it right—by journeying all the way to Valhalla to meet a fate from which Morgan may not be able to save her.

Warning: This novel contains explicit nookie on a kitchen table, graphic
language in one or more dialects, and a Fate worth living for.

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