Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shades of Gray review

Shades of Gray is a novella by Katie MacAlister featured in The Undead in my Bed anthology. As of this writing, it is not available as a standalone e-book.

While I enjoyed Shades of Gray, it seemed like you really need to read other books in the Dark Ones series because there is a lot about the world MacAlister built that is not explained in the novella - I could mostly figure it out and I understand the space constraints of a novella require a lot to be left out but a brief explanation of the world and the different supernatural entities would have been nice.

Gray and Noelle are funny, entertaining, and interesting characters. The development of their relationship, brief though it was, didn't feel rushed or unrealistic. Noelle was a character who refused to put up with any nonsense no matter how old Gray was and while she tried to be understanding and patient, mostly she just made him keep up with her.

Shades of Gray had lots of action and some crazy secondary characters like Miles and Nosty, who is a ghost. The secondary characters made the novella seem fuller and richer despite the length.

All in all, I enjoyed the novella and would recommend Shades of Gray to anyone who enjoys a funny vampire romance and is looking for a quick read.


A TV crew is filming a paranormal reality show on the grounds of an imposing old Czech Republic estate. But the electric passion behind the camera is what’s out of this world. When Noelle, a Guardian, meets vampire Grayson, who has roamed for three centuries, she awakens an aching hunger in him that only her touch can relieve. . . .

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