Thursday, February 13, 2014

Curse of the Black Swan review

Curse of the Black Swan by Alyssa Day is technically the first story in the League of the Black Swan series but it was published after The Cursed. Curse of the Black Swan is a novella featured in the Enthralled compilation. As of this writing, the story is not available as a standalone.

Sean is half fire demon and a firefighter, which is probably logical. He is one of four O'Malley brothers, all of whom are renowned for their looks and their way with women. Sean is rough, large, and very much an alpha male. But being a fire demon is something he and his brothers promised they'd never let anyone find out so he hides half of himself from everyone he allows in his life.

Brynn is cursed. She, like all the first born females in her family, must turn into a black swan at regular intervals and sing for the goddess. She is great with animals leading naturally to her owning an animal grooming business. Brynn vows never to have children in order to break the curse.

To add drama to an already dramatic story, Day adds in a serial arsonist and when that arsonist is reveal it is at once unexpected and yet so obvious.

Curse of the Black Swan also has fun secondary characters - Luke *squeee* - that make you want stories for each of them. I look forward to a long and interesting League of the Black Swan series.


New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day introduces the League of the Black Swan…and the dangerous game one woman plays when her family’s curse dooms her to kill the man she loves.

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