Friday, February 7, 2014

Undead Sublet reiew


Undead Sublet by Molly Harper is a novella in the anthology The Undead in My Bed and the first story I've read by Harper.

I found Undead Sublet to be both fun and funny although I felt the end was a little abrupt but that's often the problem with novellas. In Undead Sublet, we find that vampires are "out" - they are known to the human population with the expected mixed reactions.

Tess, the main character and a chef, goes a little crazy (literally) so she takes a vacation to a small town where her mentor lives. Upon arrival, she finds that there is a vampire in the basement of the house she has rented. I love that she's the kind of woman who isn't afraid to get into a prank war with a vampire :)

The secondary characters are great as well. Three women that Tess becomes friends with - Jane, Andrea, and Jolene - remind me of my closest friends. They accept her as she is but aren't afraid to call her on her craziness either.

All in all, a fun story and I'll be looking for more of Harper's work.


After overworked Chicago chef Tess flips out (can everyone hear that arugula talking, or is it just me?), she rents a quiet house in Half-Moon Hollow for a month of R & R. But when she finds the place occupied by a drop-dead gorgeous vampire, Tess’s tastes—for comfort food, for small Kentucky towns, and for her irresistible lover—become nearly insatiable!

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