Monday, February 24, 2014

Out with a Fang review

Out with a Fang by Jessica Sims is a novella in The Undead in My Bed anthology. I hadn't read anything by Sims until Out with a Fang.

The main character, Ruby, is a jaguar shifter and is still in love with a forbidden human, Michael, who she dated in the past. In an attempt to get over him, Ruby goes to a dating service for the supernatural world. Her blind date insists she be just that - blind - during the whole date! Frankly, that would have had me walking away but that's why I'm not a character in a romance story :)

The blind date is, of course, Michael. He is no longer human but a vampire so he and Ruby are free to be together. Oh, except for that pesky assassin that's after him.

The interactions between Michael and Ruby are interesting and it's easy to see the tangled relationship of their past in the short amount we are given. I enjoyed the story and will be looking for more stories by Sims in the future.


Jessica Sims’s “Out With a Fang” features Ruby Sommers, a lonely were-jaguar who signs up for a blind date through the paranormal dating agency Midnight Liaisons. When she arrives, she finds out that her date, a vampire, was the human she’d been in love with four years ago but was forced to dump.

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