Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Angel Betrayed review

Angel Betrayed by Cynthia Eden is the second book in her Fallen series and was published in June 2012 by Kensington Brava. It follows Angel of Darkness which I reviewed here yesterday.

Angel Betrayed features Sam, the not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy character, who we met in Angel of Darkness and he's still as frustratingly unable to pin down as he was in the first book. Sam is alternately maddeningly detached from and sweetly protective of Seline. But he's also on a mission for a little vengeance against his brother and is determined not to let a woman or his emotions get in his way. Seline has secrets - lots of secrets - and a completely understandable difficulty with trust and the truth. She may hate what she is but that doesn't make her stupid enough to ignore what power she does have and she uses it to her advantage whenever she can. Seline is pretty kickass even while she fights her attachment to our hero. The relationship that develops is fascinating to read as both characters fight against it for as long as possible even while the chemistry between them is undeniable - to both the reader and the characters.

The reappearance of Azrael and the introduction of Rogziel, an Angel of Punishment, makes for a lot of action and keeps the reader guessing as to who the true bad guy is for a large portion of the book. Unlike in Angel of Darkness, the majority of the Others in Angel Betrayed are helping Sam and Seline mostly because Sam is the ultimate deal maker. The addition of hellhounds was a good twist and the outcome of their introduction is a much needed moment of levity in an action and danger packed book.

All in all, Angel Betrayed is a fantastic continuation of the Fallen series and made this reader want to continue devouring this series and recommend it to other paranormal romance readers who like a little bit of bad in their good guys :)


Sammael--call him Sam--was an angel once. An angel of death. But the dispassionate, watch-from-above thing just wasn't working for him when it meant watching evil torture innocent souls day in and day out. It might have cost him his wings, but these days he gets to apply the direct method on the bad guys. Problem is, what's making his life difficult is a bad girl...

Seline O'Shaw needs protection, and with the hounds of hell on her tail, she's not going to quibble too hard about where she gets it. Sam's virtue is questionable, but he's smoking hot, massively powerful, and owes her a favor. So what if she's getting a little case of angel lust? There are some damn deadly sins after her hide...


  1. Both of these books sound wonderful. They're going to be added my TBR list right now.