Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sentinels: Kodiak Chained review

Sentinels: Kodiak Chained by Doranna Durgin is the fifth book in the Sentinels series and was published in November 2012 by Harlequin.

I had a mixed reaction to this book. It was written well - good characters, lots of action, lots of drama - but it was seriously confusing because it was book five in the series and none of the stuff about Sentinels or Core or any of the history between the two was ever explained, not even briefly. If you haven't read all the books, it is frustrating and irritating because there isn't even a token attempt to fill in the back story in the book.

The shifters in Sentinels: Kodiak Chained seemed to be closer to their animals than in other shifter books I've read and it comes across in their personalities. Mariska is all about going after what she wants just like her black bear - to the detriment of her relationships with people. Ruger is very stubborn and unwilling to back down much like a real Kodiak bear in the wild would not back down from a challenge. This puts the two at odds more often than not and yet they are still part human and half to deal with their emotions in a human way as well.

I enjoyed the action elements of this book and the back and forth between the characters but found the ending to be slightly rushed and not fully fleshed out. I think I would have enjoyed it much more had I read the whole series in order and would recommend that anyone interested in Sentinels: Kodiak Chained start at the beginning of the series and read all five books. The first book in the series is Jaguar Night.


One mission. One night. One costly misstep…. Don't miss this scintillating romance from Doranna Durgin!A mighty Kodiak shifter, Ruger is more than a Sentinel warrior. As a Healer, he willingly risks everything defending the sick and helpless. But after an ambush nearly kills him, he can do only so much—until a sensual lady black bear shifter arrives to provide him backup….

In human form, she is called Mariska. Feisty and self-assured, she has finagled her present assignment helping Ruger chase down a rising new threat. The moment Mariska scents the heroic, battle-scarred grizzly she knows he will be her only weakness…and greatest desire.

Mariska will do anything to aid Ruger—even if confronting the enemy puts everything she holds dear in jeopardy.

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