Monday, February 11, 2013

Keeper of the Moon review

Keeper of the Moon by Harley Jane Kozak is a very good continuation of the Keepers series and follows Keeper of the Night by Heather Graham which I reviewed earlier this year. Keeper of the Moon will be published in ebook on March 1st and in paperback on March 5th by Harlequin Nocturne.

The pairing of Declan and Sailor was fairly obviously set up in Keeper of the Night so I knew which relationship was coming with Keeper of the Moon. I enjoyed the cousins and so was excited to read more about Sailor and her adjustment to becoming a Keeper. As the only one of the trio who had grown up in Los Angeles, it would be easy to assume she had less challenges to overcome in her Keeper role than her cousins but that wasn't the case. Sailor seems to be the cousin with the worst luck in this series but it really made me want to root for her whenever life tried to slam her down.

I found that I didn't particularly care for Declan as a hero. He was arrogant without having anything to back up that arrogance - at least anything I could see. He was also incredibly judgmental when he had no reason and no right to be. He demanded honesty and trust but didn't give honesty and trust in return. Plus, his reacting as if Sailor is a drug addict because she took the equivalent of Elven cold medicine was completely over the top. Frankly, Declan needed someone to take him down a couple of pegs. Sailor didn't do that, though I wish she had, but she did "soften" him and make him begin to see things in new ways.

Sailor was a great character and I found myself really liking her more and more as she grew into her role through the book. Her willingness to push and break rules to get what she needed along with her dedication to keeping the Elven safe was endearing and showed her strength in the face of what appeared to be overwhelming odds. One thing that I did find a little annoying about Sailor was that she was much too quick to forgive and forget when Declan did something out of line. She seemed unable to stand her ground with Declan the way she was able to with everyone else in the book and that was a slightly sour note with me.

Keeper of the Moon was an enjoyable continuation of the Keepers series in LA and one I would recommend.


In their new Keeper roles, these extraordinary women must balance the fate of the world with their desires...  

Lust. Elven Keeper Sailor Gryffald's body quivers with it, but is it a symptom of the deadly Scarlet Pathogen coursing through her bloodstream or the proximity of shifter Keeper Declan Wainwright?

Sailor and Declan have had an uneasy relationship ever since they met, and now things are about to get a lot more complicated. A killer is stalking Los Angeles, intentionally infecting Elven with the deadly virus, and now Sailor and Declan must work to keep the supernatural peace while bringing the murderer to justice. But, in doing so, these powerful denizens of the Otherworld find themselves straddling a fine line between lust...and love.

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