Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wrong Side of Hell review

Wrong Side of Hell is a novella and is a prequel to the League of Guardians series by Juliana Stone. It was published by Avon Romance in March 2012.  

Wrong Side of Hell is a novella featuring a hellhound shapeshifter named Logan and a human named Kira who find themselves trapped and hunted in Purgatory. It is the second time Kira has found herself dead – the first as a little girl who was rescued by her very own hero only to be considered mentally ill for talking about her experiences. She has been locked up in a mental hospital for years when the events in this story take place. Kira is apparently part of a prophecy vital to the future of the universe but what the prophecy says is never revealed. Logan is the hero who saved Kira’s soul when she was a child, though she doesn’t realize he is also the hellhound she is so terrified of, and for his efforts, he was tossed into “the Pit”, a level of hell, as punishment.

I liked Kira and Logan – they were both interesting characters who I wanted to read more about and who it was easy to root for. Bill was a complete enigma, which I suppose was the point. Mergerone was completely horrible and villainous. There are mysterious references to Logan’s mother but nothing is ever explained. 

It sets up the series but leaves most of the details secret and a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the story. It definitely made me want to read the next book to get some of those answers!

Synopsis of Wrong Side of Hell

With battle lines drawn and evil forces gathering in the shadows, the league of guardians is all that stands between chaos and the human realm...

Logan Winters, an elite hellhound shifter, wants to forget his allegiance to the League and the pain he's suffered because of it. But when he's ordered to retrieve Kira Dove from purgatory and bring her back to life, he can't refuse. Not only will her death affect the balance between the realms, she's also linked to a past he can't forget.

Kira Dove, a young woman murdered before her time, wanders the gray realm, alone and vulnerable. The one bright spot in her life is the memory of a mysterious protector who saved her once before. As she makes her way through this terrifying place, she can't help but wonder...will he come for her again?

As Logan races to save her, he knows he faces a nearly impossible task: How can a hellhound survive in the one place he shouldn't ever be? The wrong side of hell...

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